6 Reasons Why You Should Use Argan Oil Serum

In today’s fast-paced world, everything feels like a hassle and people look for quick fixes for every problem there is. We don’t have time to keep focusing on a single problem for days. We need a quick fix; be it our on-point eyeliner everyday or manageable, frizz free hair. For the perfect eyeliner, there are tons of tricks and hacks that make the application quick, smooth, and on fleek. As for manageable hair, there are countless products in the market, like leave-in creams and argan oil serum that are formulated for the sole purpose of keeping your hair under-control and manageable. But what to look for in a product? How to know if a product actually has healthy ingredients? Keep on reading if you want to find out more.


How Is Argan Oil Obtained?


No matter if you’re into a hair care routine or not, you might still have heard about argan oil and how awesome it is for your hair. From dry, coarse hair to frizzy balls, argan oil is the cure to almost all of your hair concerns, and the best hair serum in Canada. Not only for hair, research also shows its countless benefits for human health, and recommends replacing our ordinary cooking oils with it. Although its origins are found in Morocco, it’s used worldwide as a health and beauty regimen for centuries. With its countless benefits, Argan Oil is a must-have emollient in your hair care vanity shelf. Let’s look into what Argan Oil actually does and why it is the talk of town in the hair care realm.


How Is Argan Oil Obtained? 


Argan Oil, also known as Moroccan Oil, is obtained from a fruit seed that grows in Morocco. The seeds are extracted from the fruit, roasted, and then grinded to release the oil. Argan Oil is titled as “liquid gold”, particularly because of its extraordinary repairing qualities. It is full of fatty acids, Vitamin E, and antioxidants, which are a great help in moisturizing and conditioning your hair. Here are some of the benefits of argan oil:


Nourishes Your Hair

Argan Oil is rich in multivitamins and omega-6 fatty acids that deliver moisture to your hair and nourish it from within. People for centuries have used Argan Oil as the natural conditioner for the hair. There are several ways to use Argan Oil onto your hair. You can apply it directly, or mix it up with a hair care product, such as dandruff shampoo or a conditioner to double the effects.


Heat Protection

For our fellows who prefer heat-styling more often, a few drops of Argan Oil might come in handy for heat protection. Its active ingredients protect the hair shaft from further damage, and doesn’t let your hair dry out.

Prevents Split-Ends

Why do split-ends occur anyway? When your hair lacks moisture, it causes more friction, which results in damaged hair cuticles and split-ends. Argan Oil is known to add moisture and hydration to your hair. This moisture lubricates the hair shaft, which reduces friction and prevents split-ends.

Sun Damage

You might not know this, but sun rays are not only harmful to your skin, but your hair as well. Harmful UA/UVA rays damage your hair shaft, and cause discoloration, split ends, and dry, coarse hair. Argan Oil builds an invisible protecting layer on your hair, which prevents hair from sun damage and other external environmental factors.

Softer Hair

Hair becomes dry and brittle when it is not properly hydrated and lacks moisture. Argan Oil, when applied, does not only repair the hair from the outside, but also nurtures it from within, which makes the hair softer, smoother, healthier, and more manageable.


Why Is Using Serum Argan Oil a Good Idea?


Argan Oil Serum:

Due to its extraordinary healing properties, Argan Oil is used in several hair care products that seek to nourish and moisturize hair. Mixed and diluted with other healthy ingredients, Argan Oil is ideal to be used in hair care products. Although several shampoos and conditioners make use of it as a key ingredient, Argan Oil is extraordinarily beneficial in leave-in products, as it seeks to repair damaged ends and prevents further damage, such as hair creams and serums. Hair serums that have argan oil as the main ingredient are considered among the top-notch and best hair serum to go with. Hence, if you already don’t have a leave-in product with Argan Oil, this is high time to upgrade your hair care regimen with just the right products. 

But how to know which argan oil serum is the most-effective in the pile of serums? It’s simple. You just have to check out the ingredients. Are they healthy? Are they clean? The best ingredients are those that don’t damage your hair further, but deliver a gentle moisture into it without weighing it down. In this regard, GK Hair Serum Argan Oil is what you’re looking for.

GK Hair Serum Argan Oil:

GK Hair strives to achieve only one goal: To formulate a hair care regimen that brings nature and science together, and encourages the use of natural ingredients with scientific advancements. Women in today's world have countless hair concerns, and to address every one of them, there’s a GK Hair product infused with natural ingredients that gives you a sense of confidence and beauty with healthy, revitalized hair. GK Hair Serum Argan Oil is among the most popular creations of GK Hair, and a must-have product in your aftercare kit. Infused with the exquisite combo of moisturizing ingredients, i.e., Juvexin V2 and Argan Oil, this award-winning serum seeks to deliver extra nourishment and shine to your dull, damaged hair. Its healthy, lightweight formula hydrates your hair without weighing it down, which makes it ideal for all kinds of hair.



Why Is Using Serum Argan Oil a Good Idea?

There are countless reasons as to why using GK Hair Serum Argan Oil is beneficial and what perks it has for your dehydrated hair:


The hydrating power of Juvexin, a keratin anti-aging protein blend, and Argan Oil rejuvenates your hair from dull, brittle, lifeless strands to smooth, manageable, luminous tresses. Its healthy and clean ingredients don’t go harsh on your hair. It easily blends itself into your dry ends and eliminates frizz and flyaways instantly without weighing your hair down. Ideal for both oily and dry hair, Serum Argan Oil adds bounce to your hair, giving it a fuller touch.


The key purpose of Juvexin is to repair hair from within, as well as from the outside, and to restore hair to its natural youthful state while preventing further damage from sun and external environmental elements. When mixed with Argan Oil, the benefits of Juvexin are multiplied and boost up hair health and nourishment.


Both Juvexin and Argan Oil have protective features, which prevent your hair not only from sun damage, but also keeps external damage away. Its moisturizing abilities lubricates the hair, and prevents split ends, leaving your hair ends healthy, repaired and smooth.


This serum is formulated for all kinds of hair; be it dry, oily, normal, straight, coily, wavy, curly, natural, or any other. It instantly acts as a revitalizer and a protectant, and gives you an experience of tangle-free, frizz-free, luminous hair. You don’t need to worry about your hair type and the suitability of the product any longer.


One of the key benefits of Serum Argan Oil is that it is lightweight and doesn’t weigh down your hair. Instead, it adds bounce to your hair and gives it a non-greasy, yet a nourished, glossy look that lasts all day long. If you have oily tresses, don’t stress over your hair getting weighed down by leave-in products anymore. This serum is just the right aftercare for you!


GK Hair Serum Argan Oil is a sulfate-free, paraben-free formula. Its healthy and clean ingredients encourage and promote healthy hair texture and improve your hair condition by repairing hair shaft and giving an improved look to your hair overall. 


Serum Argan Oil | GK Hair Canada


How to Use:

The use of the serum is simple and minimalistic. Shampoo and condition your hair, and apply GK Hair Serum Argan Oil onto your clean, damp hair from the mid-lenght all the way to the end. You will instantly feel the power of Juvexin-Argan Oil combo as the serum works to eliminate frizz and flyaways, delivering just the right amount of moisture, nourishment and shine to your hair. 

And there you go with a detailed guide on Argan Oil, its benefits, and its uses. Remember, the key is to find out the right product for your hair that is healthy, and stimulates hair health. So get your hands on the best hair serum there is and turn heads your way with healthy, luminous hair.


FAQ: Is argan oil serum suitable for all hair types?

Answer: Yes, argan oil serum is versatile and can be used on all hair types, including straight, curly, wavy, thick, and thin hair. It helps to moisturize and nourish the hair without weighing it down, making it an ideal choice for various hair textures.

FAQ: Can argan oil serum be applied to wet or dry hair?

Answer: Argan oil serum can be applied to both wet and dry hair. When applied to wet hair, it helps to detangle, hydrate, and protect the hair from heat damage during styling. On dry hair, it adds shine, tames frizz, and provides extra nourishment to the hair strands.

FAQ: How often should I use argan oil serum?

Answer: The frequency of using argan oil serum depends on your hair's needs and your styling routine. It can be used daily as a leave-in treatment or as needed to add moisture and manageability to the hair. Start with a small amount and adjust as necessary to achieve the desired results.