GK Hair Vegan Taming Treatments - Everything You Need To Know

What to do if your hair is unmanageable, frizzy, dry, and breaks on touch? It’s simple; you get a keratin treatment. But for an ingredient conscious person like you, where would you find a treatment which is cruelty-free, and contains natural, plant-based ingredients? For our folks who prefer to live a vegan lifestyle, finding vegan hair care products is as troubling as it gets. Therefore, to attend to the needs of our vegan customers, GK Hair Vegan Hair Treatment in Canada was launched. 

Vegan Taming Treatments

GK Hair Vegan Smoothing Treatments are formulated to serve the vegan audience. Infused with purely natural, plant-based ingredients, these treatments deliver healthy, nourished hair for up to 5 months, and are available in two different variations: The Best Coco and The Best Acai. 

The Best Coco Treatment

The Best Coco Treatment, which is made up of natural, plant-based components, aims to tame your hair and give it a sleek, smooth finish that lasts up to five months. Its beneficial elements hydrate your hair, keep it moisturized, and protect it from additional damage. Not only does the Best Coco Treatment revitalize your hair, but it also encourages healthy hair development. Despite the fact that it is a salon professional treatment, it is smooth and easy to apply and can be done at home. The Best Coco Treatment is scientifically backed and derived from 100% natural plant-based resources, with a formula that combines nature and science.




Juvexin V2:

While GK Hair products contain Juvexin V2, a keratin anti-aging protein blend derived from sheep wool, the vegan line is infused with Juvexin V2,
a keratin-like protein that is extracted from natural plant-based sources, i.e., Pea and Quinoa. This Vegan Juvexin V2 seeks to restore hair to its natural healthy state and prevents further damage. 

Coconut Oil:

The Best Coco Treatment contains coconut oil, a natural emollient that adds moisture to your hair and hydrates your tresses, leaving it nourished and nurtured. Its nourishing nature goes gentle on your hair, and restores natural oil, leaving your hair tamed and frizz-free. 

Goji Berry Extracts:

Goji Berry Extracts have a detoxifying impact on your hair, which cleanses your hair and gives it a luminous, refreshing touch. This ingredient strengthens your vulnerable hair and reduces breakage and split-ends. 

-Vitamin E: Vitamin E is one of the powerful antioxidants and conditioning agents, and seeks to revamp hair from within. Vitamin E helps in reducing the amount of free radicals that break down hair follicle cells, and promotes healthy hair


The Best Acai Treatment

Along with The Best Coco Treatment, GK Hair has now launched The Best Acai, a vegan treatment for hair that requires renewal and care. This treatment has a different flavor than The Best Coco Treatment; however, it acts brilliantly and keeps your hair smooth and straight for up to 5 months. The Best Acai Treatment revitalizes your hair strands from within, strengthens the hair shaft, and gives bounce and shine to your dull hair, thanks to its all natural ingredients.


-Juvexin V2: Just like the rest of GK Hair vegan products, The Best Acai Treatment also contains Juvexin V2, a type of keratin that is extracted from natural plant-based sources, i.e., Pea Protein and Quinoa. This Vegan Juvexin V2 seeks to restore hair to its natural healthy state and prevents further damage. 


-Acai: This vegan hair treatment contains Acai, a superfood that adds hydration and moisture to your tresses, and leaves it smooth, sleek, and frizz-free. Its conditioning properties nurture your hair from the inside out, and keep your tresses properly hydrated. 


-Acerola: Acerola offers protection to your hair strands, and prevents premature aging. Acerola gives strength to your weak, vulnerable hair, and keeps split-ends and breakage at bay. It also has a detoxifying impact on your hair, similar to Goji Berries, which cleanses your hair and gives it a luminous, refreshing touch. 


-Vitamin E: Vitamin E is one of the powerful antioxidants and conditioning agents, and seeks to revamp hair from within. Vitamin E helps in reducing the amount of free radicals that break down hair follicle cells, and promotes healthy hair. 


Grapeseed Oil: Grapeseed Oil is rich in antioxidants and linoleic acid, which prevent hair damage and deliver strength to damaged, vulnerable hair. It neutralizes free radical damage, which also helps in preventing premature aging and brittleness. 



Let’s have a look at how GK Hair Vegan Taming Treatments can help your hair: 



    Our hair consists of weaker and stronger bonds that help to preserve its texture, health, and luster. Our hair becomes brittle, dry, and damaged when these bonds are broken. Vegan keratin treatments repairs these hair bonds and improve the overall appearance of the hair by minimizing breakage and split ends. These treatments also help to rebuild your hair's cuticle (the hair’s exterior layer), and give it a healthier, more manageable appearance.



    Vegan Taming Treatment improves the texture of your hair while reducing frizz and flyaways. It straightens your hair for up to several months, making it easier to style and removing the hassle of everyday hair styling.



    Heat styling everyday without proper measures can destroy your hair. As a vegan treatment improves the texture and body of your hair, you don’t have to heat-style your hair on a daily basis. This protects your hair from the damage caused by heat styling and prevents it from drying out further by maintaining moisture.



    If properly cared for, the effects of vegan keratin treatments can last up to 6 months. Keratin-treated hair needs sulfate-free products with keratin as the main ingredient so that the effects of the treatment can last. Using products that are devoid of harsh chemicals improves the overall health of the hair while also extending the life of the treatment. 


How to Use

GK Hair Vegan Taming System is perfect for folks who want to give their hair a healthy makeover at home. Here’s a simple step-by-step guideline on how to do so. 

  1. To begin with the process, make sure that your hair is clean and contains no oil and dirt buildup. Wash your hair with GK Hair pH+ Shampoo, leave it on for 2-3 minutes, rinse, and then repeat. This will open up your hair cuticles and cleanse off all the buildup and sebum.  
  2. Section your hair into thin parts of ½ inch starting at the nape of your neck and apply The Best Vegan Treatment ¼ inch away from the roots. After you’re done with the application, comb through hair to evenly spread the product. Make sure the product does not touch the roots while combing. Be gentle with your hair and slowly comb through so that your hair doesn’t pull off. 
  3. After you’re done combing, let The Best Vegan Treatment process and sit for 40-60 minutes. If your hair is fine or wavy, leave on the product for 40 minutes, If your hair is curly, coarse, and thick, let it sit for 60 minutes. Cover your hair with a plastic cap. You can do your pending tasks or do a fun activity meanwhile. 
  4. Rinse out all of the product with warm water. To make sure no product is left onto hair, wash it until the water runs clear. 
  5. Once the product is washed out, blow-dry your hair straight with enough tension on high-temperature. Make sure the hair is 100% dry before moving to the next process. . 
  6. Section the hair and flat iron at 400°F to seal the cuticles. If the hair is damaged or overprocessed, keep the temperature at 350-375 degrees. 


And that’s pretty much everything you need to know about Vegan Taming Treatments. For exceptional, long-lasting results, use CBD Shampoo and Conditioner Duo from our vegan hair care line, as this will complement the results of the treatment. 


1. Are GK Hair's Vegan Taming Treatments suitable for all hair types?

Yes, GK Hair's Vegan Taming Treatments are formulated to be suitable for all hair types, including dry, oily, curly, straight, and color-treated hair. Our treatments are carefully crafted with high-quality vegan ingredients to deliver optimal results while maintaining the health and integrity of your hair.

2. How do GK Hair's Vegan Taming Treatments compare to traditional keratin treatments?

GK Hair's Vegan Taming Treatments offer a cruelty-free and vegan alternative to traditional keratin treatments. While both treatments work to tame frizz, reduce curl, and improve manageability, our Vegan Taming Treatments use plant-based ingredients instead of animal-derived keratin, making them an ideal choice for those who prefer vegan and cruelty-free options.

3. Can I expect long-lasting results with GK Hair's Vegan Taming Treatments?

Yes, GK Hair's Vegan Taming Treatments provide long-lasting results, typically lasting for several weeks to several months depending on your hair type and maintenance routine. With proper care and use of recommended GK Hair products, you can enjoy smooth, frizz-free hair for an extended period while supporting vegan and cruelty-free beauty practices.