How to Add Texture to Hair for a Lively Look

Textured hair isn't just about curls or waves; it's about giving your hair dimension and movement, regardless of its natural type. This post will explore effective methods to enhance texture using GK Hair’s innovative products.

Understanding Hair Texture

What is Texture in Hair? Texture refers to the visual and tactile quality of your hair. Adding texture can transform flat, limp hair into voluminous, dynamic styles.

Benefits of Adding Texture

  • Volume Boost: Adds volume, making thin hair appear thicker.
  • Style Versatility: Increases styling options.
  • Enhanced Appearance: Masks hair thinning and gives a fuller look.
Benefits of Adding Texture

Techniques to Add Texture

  • Use Texturizing Products:

    • GK Hair Dry Shampoo: Ideal for a quick texture boost.
    • GK Hair VolumizeHer Spray: Adds grip and volume for easier styling.
  • Styling Tools:

    • Curling Irons and Wands: Create waves and curls that add body.
    • Crimpers: Introduce texture for a bold look.
  • Braiding and Twisting:

    • Overnight braids or twists result in effortless waves.
  • Textured Haircuts:

    • Layers and feather cuts enhance texture significantly.
  • Backcombing:
    • Gentle teasing at the roots elevates texture.
  • Natural Methods:

    • Scrunching with sea salt spray while hair is damp enhances natural texture.
Techniques to Add Texture

Combining Products for Maximum Effect

Pair GK Hair VolumizeHer Spray with GK Hair Moisturizing Conditioner for balanced hydration and texture. This combination ensures your hair remains hydrated and healthy while gaining body.


Can all hair types benefit from texturizing?

Yes, every hair type can embrace added texture.

How often should I texture my hair?

Follow product guidelines for best results based on your hair type.


Texturing is a fantastic way to reinvent your style and add life to your hair. Incorporate GK Hair products to achieve a textured look that turns heads. Explore our full range of products tailored to enhance hair texture at GK Hair Products.