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One Control Titanium Flat Iron

Hair Tools

  • Straightening
  • Styling
  • Heat-Protected
Style your hair beautifully everyday with One Control Titanium Flat Iron, a modern styling aid to deliver healthy, long-lasting results. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this flat iron is convenient and easy to use.
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An efficient styling aid that gives you smooth, shiny and silky hair with the latest technology. The GK Hair One Control Titanium Flat Iron is easy to use, making it the ideal flat iron for the style conscious ladies.

Q: What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing A Flat Iron?

A: A: When choosing a flat iron, consider 1. Hair Type 2. Hair Length 3.. Lifestyle Choices 4. Portability Needs 5. Multifunctionality Features

Q: What Makes The One Control Unique?

A: The One Control features 12cm x 6.15cm titanium plates that evenly distribute heat across hair strands and lock in moisture. The flat iron is also extremely easy to use. Equipped with a one-touch button to toggle through the available settings and intelligent temperature control to protect the hair from heat damage, the One Control is an advanced hair styling tool.

Q: How Are Titanium Plates Effective For Hairstyling?

A: Titanium plates are highly effective, as they possess the ability to distribute heat uniformly and consistently while locking in moisture in each strand. Titanium plates are extremely safe and in-effect make hair less prone to heat damage. Additionally, Titanium plates are great for all hair types, making it the ideal choice.

Q: How Are Advanced Flat Irons Helpful For Hairstyling?

A: A: An advanced flat iron has many benefits when compared to a conventional flat iron. A few of them are 1. Better technology to enable effortless styling 2. Better safety measures (Auto-off ) 3. Even heat distribution 4. Usage of advanced plates to reduce hair damage

Q: Can I Use A Flat Iron On Wet Hair?

A: Usage of a flat iron on wet hair can only be determined on what iron you use. Conventional flat irons are not built to function well on wet hair, in fact, they can cause more harm than good. Modern-day flat irons like the D700 can double up as a flat iron for both wet and dry hair.



claimed quicker styling


reported softer hair


noticed high efficiency



All Hair Types


All Hair Types


Straightening Styling Heat Damage

Key Benefits

  • Styles the hair more efficiently and twice as quickly.
  • Create gorgeous straight tresses as well as beach waves.
  • Removes frizz and flyaways and keeps hair smooth.
  • Wide titanium plates offer safe styling.
  • Modern design makes it easy to use and handle while styling.


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